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FAQ: Outsourced Bookkeeping

Here are answers to some Frequently asked Questions about Outsourcing Bookkeeping.

Why should I hire an outsource bookkeeper to do my bookkeeping rather than hire an in house bookkeeper?
There are many reasons why you should hire an outsource bookkeeper, however, the most important reason is that you will never have to hire, fire or retrain another bookkeeper ever again. We have all had our experiences with “revolving door bookkeepers” and it costs you time and money.

You will not have to pay a full time salary for a part time job. It is a known fact that most bookkeeping jobs only take a few hours a day or week to complete. Companies must pay huge weekly salaries for full time bookkeepers. This is simply not necessary.

We guaranteed that the job will be done correctly, efficiently and in the fastest time possible.

Finally, our bookkeepers do not get overtime, pension, health insurance or other employee benefits and you do not have to purchase new equipment or make space in your office as we can simply access your documents over a secure web portal.

Is my information safe?
All of our partners are certified professional firms that have signed non disclosure agreements with all of their own employees. Their business relies on your business and therefore they maintain a professional codes of ethics at all times. You can review your information whenever you want and all information is well documented and backed up for better security.

Do I need any special software?
You do not need any software. Many businesses already have some form of bookkeeping such as simply accounting, quick books or simple excel sheets. All you need is a computer with access to the internet and we will determine how to best approach your bookkeeping.

How much does outsourcing cost?
Most of our clients who had existing bookkeepers and accountants prior to outsourcing found that when they switched to outsourcing it reduced their costs significantly. Most agreed that is was anywhere from 25 to 50 percent.

Outsourcing costs is based on the level of service that your company will need. All of our partners will be happy to provide you with a free no obligation quotation that should include an overview of the service they can provide for you along with an estimated of the cost for those services.

How can outsourcing be better for less money?
All our partners have a number of highly trained bookkeeping experts who work for them. Each account is managed by a team of bookkeepers and supervised by a bookkeeping supervisor and an accountant to ensure your work is processed accurately and in a timely manner. A service guarantee that you probably do not currently have. Outsourcing your bookkeeping just makes dollars and cents!