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On-line bookkeeping is a new concept for most people. If you have a question that is not answered in our FAQ, please email us.



What will it cost?

We are most likely to charge less than your current costs for staff, training, space, and equipment. Moreover, you will be able to avoid the headache of training. You will also no longer have to pay for rent, phone lines, or benefits. Best of all, you will not have to manage the bookkeeper. Our price is less than what credit card companies charge. A full list of prices and services is available on our Pricing page.

How can outsourcing do better work and cost less?

We are experts. Bookkeeping is our only business. We assign duties to our staff best skilled to accomplish the task. We don’t ask our staff to do work that they are under or over qualified to do. We have put into place appropriate controls to ensure accurate and timely processing of all accounting datFinally, we have developed systems and procedures for our staff that all of our staff are familiar with. If for any reason your usual bookkeeper is unavailable, another one can step in and be immediately up-to-speed with your needs. This makes us far less vulnerable to employee turnover than with an in-house bookkeeper.


Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping


Why outsource my bookkeeping and controllership functions?

Let a professional do a professional’s job. If you are like most owners/managers, you take full pride in the services or products your company provides. You want to focus your time and energy on business strategy and goals. Outsourcing the bookkeeping function to a dedicated, highly skilled professional services firm allows you to do exactly that. By outsourcing your bookkeeping to SG Partners, you’ll save valuable time in your day, reduce operating costs, and gain peace of mind.

How can outsourced, online bookkeeping help me manage my business?

By outsourcing your bookkeeping position(s), your company will no longer have to endure the hiring process and lose valuable time and money training bookkeepers. Or, if you have been doing the bookkeeping yourself, you can finally free up your time to focus on things more important to you and your business. You’ll be able to make informed decisions based on more than just your cash balance at the bank.

Outsourced online bookkeeping gives your company accurate financial data so you can determine what customers and/or products are the most successful. You can concentrate more time on the more profitable aspects of your company. This capability allows a business owner to become truly savvy in investing energy and resources in the right places. The door is left open for you to do the tasks that are most important to your company’s well-being. Using SG Partners, you gain resources for your business to draw on that had been unavailable to you. You maintain full, round-the-clock control of and access to your information, while SG Partners performs all of your bookkeeping tasks and updates your accounting records. Truly the best of both worlds.

Won’t I lose control if the books are done by an outside service?

The short answer: No. You will actually now have more control since you will have improved financials at your fingertips and have more time and money to plan instead of simply reacting to business events. With 24/7 access to your records, there is enhanced oversight and review capability.

Why should I replace my current bookkeeper with your service? He/she is also a great help with other things.

OK. If you need someone to make coffee or to fill their day with other small tasks, that’s great. But think about this: How easy is it to find a good bookkeeper that knows the right accounting program, doesn’t just play around with bookkeeping software on the side, but knows it upside down and inside out? Someone whose number one job is to maintain the books for you so you don’t have to? Fortunately, you’ll find such dedication and expertise at SG Partners.


Software Required


What software can I use?

SG Partners works with a variety of software packages such as QuickBooks, MYOB, Peachtree, and MAS 90. There are also several Internet-based accounting packages, such as ePeachtree, NetLedger, and QuickBooks for the Web. With these options you are not required to purchase any software or software licenses. You simply rent these application packages from the vendors on a month-to-month basis.

There are several application service providers (ASPs) that will host an application for you. At SG Partners, we host your accounting file ourselves. With any ASP, you must still purchase the license for the software you use (except for QuickBooks 2008 Enterprise Solutions). You are able to access the software and your data from any computer with an Internet connection.

How do I decide which software to use?

Your software needs are dependent on the accounting needs of your business. Several very popular software packages are MYOB, Peachtree Complete, and QuickBooks. There are lots of considerations to look at when making this decision. We suggest that you speak with a SG Partners professional or your CPA when making your choice. Two of the most important questions to ask are “Will the software fit with the type of industry I operate in?” and “Will it handle the type of accounting reports my business needs?”


Keeping Your Current Accountant


Do I have to leave my current accountant?

Of course not. We are offering to take away your bookkeeping headaches. Your current accountant will be grateful for accurate data that they can really use to help you build more wealth. But if you’d like, we would be glad to talk to you about providing business and individual tax preparation services. SG Partners is prepared to be a one-stop solution for all your financial needs.

Does my accountant have access to my books?

Only with your express permission! By allowing your accountant to access your data, your accountant can review or change your data files while you are also using the accounting software. This can be accomplished without you having to make a backup or having to stop using the system while your accountant is working on your data. You can continue with your work without any interruptions. No more running backup diskettes to your accountant. This alone adds up to a huge savings in time and money.


Data Access & Security


How do I access my accounting material?

SG Partners is its own application service provider (ASP) that hosts your bookkeeping software and data file. At any time from any Internet-accessible computer, you can use your password to access your accounting records. They are always up-to-date and always accurate. This is the same procedure and technology your bank, medical record keepers, and the IRS use to access and process information. It is secure and it is dependable with 100% backup running in real time.

Who owns my data?

With a hosted ASP like that used at SG Partners, you own your data files and you are able to download them back to your local computer if you decide to discontinue the service.

To contrast, with Internet accounting packages such as NetLedger or QuickBooks for the Web, you do not own your data. If you decide to disconnect, you will need to have hard copy printouts of your information. These would then need to be re-keyed into the new software you choose.

Who controls the money and makes the decisions?

You have 100% control of all monies and the decisions on how they are used or invested. You decide what individuals and which vendors get paid. SG Partners provides the data, but you approve all invoices for payment and sign all checks.

Can other people access my data?

No one can have access to your data without your company’s express permission. Our ASP goes to extraordinary lengths when it comes to security measures. SG Partners can offer greater security than many companies would have if the software and hardware were located in-house. Your data is backed up on a real-time basis to a secure off-site backup facility. Also, the facility’s power supply is hooked up to backup generators to protect against power failures. How many of us with computers in our offices have this type of system and security?

We take seriously the security of your data. Each company’s data is password-protected. You create your own passwords, so no one can see or have access to your password. As your data travels over the Internet, it is protected by a technology called Secure Sockets Layer or SSL encryption. SSL ensures that your data makes it to your location before it can be decoded. For added security, your company needs to make sure your browser supports 128-bit encryption. This level of encryption is the highest currently supported by consumer Web browsers. Be sure you are also using the latest version of your Web browser, as enhancements have probably been made since you last upgraded.


More Information


Does SG Partners provide audit and tax services?

Our services are comprehensive and can include all required federal and state tax filings. See the Taxes section of our website. SG Partners does not perform audits, reviews, and compilations or provide opinions on your financial statements. We consider ourselves to be an extension of your company and work on your behalf to provide assistance to you and your outside auditors, should an audit be required.

How do I get started?

Get started now. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you, answer all your questions, and work out all the details of how SG Partners can help you. If it looks like we have the right solution, then try our service and start feeling better about the numbers in your business.