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Human Resources Management Benefits

Reduces Paperwork
Whether you are a large or small business, the amount of paperwork that is required to keep track of human resources related matters can be staggering. Between payroll compliance, employee benefit administration, unemployment claim management, time tracking, workers compensation issues and employee training, it can often be too much for a company to handle. By using our services, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that these matters are being handled by professionals, allowing you to better focus on your core business.

Accurate Reporting
Accurate reporting is an important part of a properly managed human resources department. Not only is it important for your business and employees, but there are also regulations and requirements that must be met. If your company’s human resources records are not maintained properly, you could be leaving yourself open to penalties, fines and even lawsuits. Our goal is to provide your company with the accurate reports you need to grow your business while meeting all legal requirements.

Data Security
Data security is crucial to every faction of a company, but perhaps even more so in regards to human resources. Privacy requirements, security issues, and the protection of data should be high on your list of priorities. Data security is not only important to your company, but is also something that your employees trust you to maintain. We provide the kind of security you need to satisfy these important requirements.

Grows to Meet Your Needs
If your company is growing, then that’s a good thing. However, growth also means more human resources issues to deal with. For companies who rely on an internal human resources department, this can be difficult. In a traditional human resources department, company growth usually means there is a need to expand the human resources department, increasing your payroll and training budget. Fortunately, our services are flexible and expandable, making it easier than ever to meet your ever-changing needs. You can focus on growing your business, while we handle your expanding human resources needs.

Time Saving
The matters handled by a company’s human resources department can often be quite complex. In addition to the everyday tasks of handling payroll, employee benefits and employee management issues, there are also unemployment claims to manage, workers compensation and auditing issues, and sometimes even matters such as investigating harassment issues. When you add in other human resources related projects such as creating and maintaining an employee handbook and staff training materials, the time requirements can sometimes become overwhelming. We can bring a professional approach to all these matters, giving your company more time to focus on its core business goals.

Team Approach
Dealing with a company’s ever-changing and growing human resources needs often becomes too much for a small internal human resources department. However, hiring additional human resources employees is not always the answer. Extra employees mean higher payroll and benefits costs, in addition to the need for more training. To make matters worse, you may only need extra employees for a specific period of time, due to a particular human resources project. By utilizing our services, you can eliminate these dilemmas. We will provide you with a team approach to your human resources needs, assigning three or more people to your account. Regardless of what needs done, we have the manpower to get the work done for you.

Payroll in All 50 States
For companies that do business in multiple states, processing payroll can sometimes be quite a challenge. Because each state has its own rules and regulations in regards to payroll, it can often require a lot of extensive training to stay abreast on the requirements of each state. Using our services can provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your payroll is being properly managed for each state. Not only will this save time, resources and expense, but it can also help you avoid potential penalties and fees.

No Penalty Guarantee
The cost of an improperly managed human resources department can often be high. Penalties, fines and other fees for missed deadlines or improper calculations can be quite expensive. By utilizing our services, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered by our “No Penalty Guarantee.”