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Human Resources Management

Payroll compliance is only 1 small part of today’s Human Resources environment. Human resources includes payroll, employee management, handbook creation, employee benefit administration, harassment investigation, unemployment claim management, workers compensation classification and auditing, staff training, time off tracking, and much more.

SG Partners has extensive experience with dealing with all of these issues from simple to complex including multi-state Human Resource matters. As a result, our team will work alongside your existing attorney, CPA, tax professionals, payroll company, and other HR professionals to address the many challenges facing your company in today’s litigious and volatile market place.

Talent is a key reason you are successful. Our goal is to assist you in maximize the pool of talent while minimizing costs and increasing employee retention.

Learn about the different aspects of human resources management, or contact us to discuss your HR needs.

Human Resources Management

Although you might automatically think of payroll when you think of human resources, it actually encompasses a whole lot more. In today’s business world, human resources departments handle employee management, benefit administration, unemployment and working compensation issues, time off tracking, and even harassment investigations. Additionally, human resources also frequently handle staff training, employee handbook creation and administration, and much more. Because these issues can all be quite complex and time-consuming, many companies are turning to outside services to handle their human resources needs instead of maintaining their own internal human resources department.

Why SG Partners?
Our talent, professionalism and knowledge are three of the key reasons why you should consider SG Partners. Our professionals have extensive experience with all human resources issues, ranging from simple matters to those which are much more complex and challenging to manage. Our human resources team will work hand-in-hand with your company to ensure that you meet the many challenges that face companies in today’s business world. Our human resources team will work with your company to provide the comprehensive and effective solutions that you need at a price you can afford. In fact, most companies find that they are able to save considerable money, time and resources by working with an outside human resources team as compared to maintaining their own internal department. Not only will you save on salary, benefit and training costs, but you’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that our professionals are on the job, handling the issues and challenges that face your company every day.

Our Services
SG Partners will work with your company to provide a customized human resources solution that will meet your every need. Because of our flexibility, we are able to work with companies to handle all manner of human resources tasks, whether you just need simple solutions or something much more complex. We have the expertise and training needed to work in multi-state environments, making sure that you company remains in complete compliance. This can be especially important in today’s business environment, where lawsuits and litigations are becoming commonplace occurrences.

The Advantages of Using an Outside Human Resources Service
Maintaining an internal human resources department can often be a considerable expense for a company. However, in addition to the obvious costs such as hiring, salary, benefits and training expenses, there are numerous hidden costs as well. For companies who do not adequately manage their human resource issues, the end result is often fines, penalties and sometimes even lawsuits. Additionally, when human resource matters are well-managed within a company, employee retention is often increased, which in turn can save even more money and resources. SG Partners hires only the most experienced and knowledgeable human resources professionals, ensuring that you will have the kind of talent you need to guide you through today’s difficult business environment. By entrusting your human resources needs to us, your company will have more time, money and resources to focus on core activities, goals and objectives that can help your business prosper and grow.