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Print your Own Checks

Printed checks using MultiCHAXprinted checksAs a small business tip, printing your own checks may not be your first thought on how to save money, but it makes a lot of sense. The current economic situation has every business, big or small, looking to lower expenses, and printing checks can be one of them. Many companies are choosing to print their own checks using blank check paper stock with a check printing software. You Will spend a fraction of the cost compared to ordering pre-printed checks or a payroll service.

With the right check printing software, it is possible to link your accounting software to a printer that utilizes MICR toner cartridges to print your own checks on your blank check stock. You can queue your checks to print right inside the accounting software such as QuickBooks, and the check printing software will print your checks with the MICR encoded routing and account numbers along with your stubs. You can design these checks to your liking with logos and even add an image of your signature. With some high grade check stock, you can create high-quality checks, just as slick and
professional as what the banks offer. Using a laser printer with optional MICR toner cartridges is recommended to get the best results.

When it comes to selecting paper, you can get check paper in whatever layout you wish: top, middle, bottom, or 3-check-per-page. Then choose paper stock with standard security options if you have low security risk, or upgrade to secure forms that have solvent detection and toner fuse technology to detect and deter check tampering.

The advantages of printing your own checks include: saving money on blank checks; saving time swapping and storing multiple checks for different accounts, and never wasting checks due to bank account changes. Whether you are printing payable checks to mail to vendors, or printing payroll checks to pay your employees, using check printing software will save your busines money.