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Simplify Small Business Bookkeeping: Use Intuit (QuickBooks) Online – Advantages / Features

Simplify Small Business Bookkeeping: Use Intuit (QuickBooks) Online – Advantages / Features

Intuit (QuickBooks) Online is a full featured application that has so much to offer the small business in order to simplify their bookkeeping needs. It is easy and fast to get the standards of accounting for your business up to managerial quality. Even without any accounting experience under their belts, small business owners find that a simple interview online allows them to set up familiar forms for invoices, checks, and more so that they can begin working with QuickBooks immediately. And it is all backed up by free product support, feature-specific tutorials, and detailed help topics. Let’s look at the top features of QuickBooks Online.

Track Expenses and Sales with Ease

QuickBooks allows the small business owner to track expenses and sales with simple ease so that they can stay in control of their business and organized. QuickBooks Online allows business owners to track their financial information all in one place, allowing them to stay on the pulse of what’s happening financially with the business without digging through mounds of paperwork, records, and files. This definitely streamlines the preparation of business taxes and allows the business to have accurate and complete records all year long. Tracking expenses and sales is easy using simple forms.


If you have a smart phone, such as a Blackberry, iPhone, or any Android-ready device, then you can easily manage your receivables, payables, customer contacts, bank balances, and more, from anywhere in the world. With a mobile device and QuickBooks Online, you are only a tap away from the data that you need to be the best in your business.

Customized Snapshot

For businesses that do not have time to organize their financial records, QuickBooks Online will allow them to see a customized snapshot of the “big picture” of their business. This includes graphs, overviews, and charts that will show you what you’re spending, what you’re making, and how you are doing now versus some other point in time. This can be a valuable tool for business owners.

Immediate Access to Customer Data

The QuickBooks Online customer center will keep all of your data in one secured place so that you can look at data at a glance. One-screen access is available to QuickBooks Online clients so that they can see invoices, estimates, contact information, and more, customer by customers. See how much you’ve billed, what estimates you gave, how much a particular customer has paid, and what they owe you, all from one easy-to-understand screen.

Connect With Other Members of Your Team Instantly

With QuickBooks Online, you can effortlessly connect with other members of your team, whether it is your business partner in another country or your accountant across town. All you have to do is set your account up to share your records in real time by emailing them a special invitation. No need to go through a complicated set up process or call on the boys from the IT department for help. You can grant permission levels to control the data that each team member has access to.

Avoid Software Hassles

There’s no software to be installed to use QuickBooks Online. You’ll just simply sign into your QuickBooks account from any Mac or PC with an Internet connection. Your version of QuickBooks Online will be continually updated so that you always have the latest version. 

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that thousands of business owners trust their bookkeeping and accounting to QuickBooks Online.